Tiny Tips: Raw Edge Applique + Sale Info + A new Orange Peel Quilt in the Works

I thought I would start a series of posts where I offer a few small tips on some sewing/quilting related work. I am calling it Tiny Tips and most of them will really be tiny. I hope this helps if you are having trouble with something and if you have a question about something in particular and if I have any tips to offer, please just leave a comment here or email me. Or if you have a tip to offer I’d love to hear from you on that as well and would be happy to credit the tip to you.

So our first Tiny Tip will be on raw edge applique. I’m currently working on a new Orange Peel quilt and instead of sewing the curves together, I always just applique my peel on top of my block. Here are the blocks I’ve finished for this quilt so far.

The finished quilt has the look of a difficult quilt, but it’s really not, it’s just a little time consuming. See other Orange Peel quilts here.

Problems I’ve had with raw edge applique:

When I first started appliqueing this way there would always be places where my stitch came off from the fabric I was stitching down. Meaning I wandered away from the peel in this case and didn’t get it completely stitched, leaving a hole. After you wash this of course it unravels a bit and looks awful.

But you can use the guides on your foot to help you.

So this is the foot I used. #1 on bernina feet, but you should have one similar to this one on your machine no matter the brand. It has a wide spot for you to make zig zags where the needle comes down.

I set my machine to the zig zag stitch and I leave mine on the default size, which on mine is 1.5 in length and 3.5 on width.

On the front of the foot, closest to you, you can see that groove made in the foot and then behind that is where the thread is. That groove is your guide. If you keep it in line with the edge of your fabric, your stitches will be in the perfect place.

I’m pointing to the groove in this pic.

And there I’m pointing the edge of my fabric. Those two, keep them aligned as you stitch.

I always back stitch in the beginning and the end as well.

Now you see where my stitches ended up. On the edge of the fabric with the zig zags coming inside the applique. No holes.

For easiest results, some folks back their applique with some type of interfacing fabric that you can just iron on. Pellon is a good brand. The best way to do that would be to back a piece of fabric with the interfacing and then cut out your applique. Doing this extra step helps to insure that your base fabric doesn’t become distorted.

Also, remember that when you raw edge applique and after you wash your quilt, you do end up with this slight textured effect.

I will be sure to show pics when this quilt is done.

In another news, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. And if you are not US living, I hope you had a lovely day.

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