InstaWall Quilt in Throw Size + My future Sewing Studio

Last week, I finished another InstaWall Quilt, this time in a large throw size. This quilt measures 60×60 inches, perfect for snuggling and it holds 36 of your instagram pictures.

If you are interested in purchasing a quilt similar to this for yourself, here is the link.

I went with meandering quilting all over the quilt with the exception of the pictures. After it was washed up this made the pictures pop out even more so.

This quilt is surprisingly tedious, but I really like the end result.

I have gotten to where the quilting is my favorite part. I used to dread it. That was back when I was using only straight lines. I’ve been quilting since 2008 and I have ALWAYS quilted straight lines on a quilt. I’ve quilted them diagonally, sideways, vertically, like a graph, intersecting. I’ve done A LOT of quilting. It wasn’t until this year, the end of September to be exact that I tried my first free motion quilting. I am now truly hooked.

I always thought it looked so difficult, but it’s not. In fact, I find it easier. I don’t have to worry if my lines are skewed or are they all the same measurement apart. Plus, I really like the one continuous motion.

This size quilt probably took me 30 min- to an hour to quilt.

The end result is a quilt that is a thousand times more crinkly. And of course, that is what I’m after: the crinkles.

I’ve said a word here and there about my new sewing spaces, but I haven’t given you details or pictures, so today I’m going to give you both.

My current studio is a spare room on the main level of my home. It’s like 130-140 square feet. It’s a great space that I am blessed to have. However, I’ve been in there 4 years now and I have more than outgrown it. I can’t keep it organized and I’m killing myself trying. For me disorder = unhappiness. I like things neat and clean and in their place. That’s impossible with the amount of ‘stuff’ I have in this room. It just piles and piles and piles. For a while we were thinking about re-doing the basement and moving me down there.

There are a couple of major cons about this move:

#1 there is no natural light, no windows, nothing but flourescents.

#2 both of my children have bedrooms down there and this is kind of there space.

#3 it’s a wee bit chilly

#4 it’s ugly J

My basement consists of a den (the main room and what I will use for my sewing studio), 2 bedrooms (taken by the children), and a bath (this is theirs too).

Both of their bedrooms are nice bedrooms, new carpet, nice walls, they have windows, but the den has always been awful and we haven’t done anything to it since we moved here years ago. It had the ugliest carpet ever created and the walls were bad too. This initially was a space for the kids to hang, but they’ve really never taken to it. Not that I blame them, it’s ugly, but we have had a sofa and a recliner down here and a television, book shelves, etc.

We stripped everything out, walls, carpet and got everything down to the nitty gritty, where my wonderful husband who is as handy as they come has been a busy bee. He has put up new walls, just wood and he’s been laying tile.

Here is where we are at with it.

So you can see the big long wood wall, the tile he’s been working on and almost done with. The wall with the spatter is my daughter’s room and that wall is going to be painted. When we first moved in we built these bedrooms for them, so it used to just be one huge room.

The brick. Oh, that brick. I’m okay with the brick wall. I don’t know what it was intended to be by whoever built the house. A pot belly stove/fireplace, maybe? But fine, however if you look under all the junk you can see a brick platform. This has been my biggest issue with this room. What the heck is that platform for? And it’s big. Bigger than it looks. All those boxes are memory quilt clothing in case you were wondering.

There is that ugly carpet and you can see what is left of the tile.

The second door is my son’s bedroom.

This is the opposite view and you can see the staircase that leads back upstairs.

That dark hallway leads to a bathroom, a closet, and then to the garage.

The sheetrock is going to get painted, along with their doors a fresh color. There is more tile to be laid and more walls to be rebuilt with more wood. The stairway carpet is going to get stripped and we are just going to paint the wood underneath.

My new studio will be over 400 square feet. So I’m getting a great more space. I’m excited and ready to make the move.

I’ll show more pictures as we get them done.

Now I’m off to sew up a king rag quilt while watching last week’s episode of Hell on Wheels and The Walking Dead.


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