Get Striped Quilt + New Glamour Nursery + Swank Rag Quilt

I’ve been uber busy.

If you follow me over on Instagram you might have noticed my new Get Striped quilt.

I really had nothing to do with the design of this quilt. I was just the math girl and the sewing/quilting girl.

One of my amazing customers came to me with something similar to this and we messed around on photoshop until this design was born. She is using it for a nautical themed room.

But I think it could be used any anything. In any color.

She specifically requested wavy horizontal lines. They took FOREVER. But I think it was worth and makes me think of water.

I’ve listed Get Striped in any size and color palette in my shop here.

I also got a throw size Swank quilt available in the rag quilt style. It’s ready to ship in my shop now.

You can find the throw size here. But I’ve also listed it in crib and toddler size as made to order items.

I love these fabrics so much! Particularly that script fabric that I can’t get enough of.

And finally, after over a year of having my Glamour fabrics, I got a patchwork quilt and nursery set done in it.

These fabrics haven’t been the best of sellers in my shop and I really don’t know why. I love them! I feel like they scream granny chic. Maybe it’s the black?

This is the quilt that is in my daughters room (not sure why I don’t have pics of that) But here is a customer picture I just found. Cute!

I quilted this one with my usual meandering serpent which I’m pretty much using as my default.

This little crib I have is located in my new sewing space (future space). It’s actually my basement. Can you see the floors getting worked on (maybe a little)?

The walls on one side of the room is finished, but the other side has yet to be done. I’m a few months from moving in.

But back to Glamour. I’ve listed it as a crib and toddler quilt and also as a nursery set. Find all my Glamour products here.


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