Get Cozy….

Finally. Finally after maybe a month or more of staring at all the granny squares I managed to squeeze them in and get them done, photographed and listed in my shop.

If only there were just a few more hours in each day or maybe if I didn’t require as much sleep, I wouldn’t feel eternally behind on everything I need to get done. Honestly, sometimes I feel just so overwhelmed.

But back to the granny squares….

I have SO many more pictures of these gorgeous pillow shams in my shop. They are also listed where you can purchase with or without the pillow form.

My fifteen year old sun was around when I was photographing them and even he said that he liked these a lot. He does not care about pillows, so I took that as a good sign. They look cozy, they feel cozy.

I’ve listed 4 of them. You can find them all here.

I also listed 4 more sets of granny banners.

Find all my granny banners here.


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