Everything Nice + Swank

You’ve seen my Everything Nice fabrics before. This past week I made a minky backed patchwork crib quilt. It’s quite dreamy, I think. Soft. Cuddly. What more could a little babe want?

I quilted it with a bit of a serpent meandering. My favorite since it seems to be the fastest.

This one is backed with teal minky, and binded with a red and white polka dot.

This one is ready to ship for a limited time in my Etsy shop, but after it sells it will be made to order.

I also wanted to share a new fabric collection I’ve put together. Arriving just last week, meet Swank.

The colors were inspired by a recent quilt I made with similar fabrics chosen by one of my customers. I will get a quilt made as soon as I can in these. I cannot tell you how much I love the script fabric at the bottom, if I tried it would take a whole post. LOVE does not describe it adequately enough.

Thanks for reading!


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