Meet Joie de Vivre Rag Quilts + a look at some recent custom work

So I finished this yesterday. I used those new fabrics I recently purchased. This one is ready to ship in queen size, but I listed all the other sizes as well in made to order. You can find all of Joie de Vivre here.

It’s made up of mostly Amy Butler prints, but there are a few others in there as well. I have fallen in love with chocolate brown dots.

Over the weekend I finished a wedding guest book quilt and also another Pixie love quilt. You remember Pixie Love.

Well this is the latest version of it.

I love the negative space on this quilt.

I was kind of dreading quilting it b/c it is just so big, but it honestly wasn’t that bad. I did a wide meandering stitch all over. It was a little hard to get in the middle of such a big quilt, but it worked out okay. Thank goodness for my stitch regulator. So far, this is the biggest quilt I’ve quilted using free motion quilting.

This was a gift from a daughter to her parents. So we included a sweet little message block in the point of the heart.

This is a super easy quilt to whip up. I finished the top in a few hours and the next day I basted, quilted and binded it. I do offer a free pattern for it here.

I used a gray gingham for the binding and partially on the back.

Here is the latest guest book quilt.

Thanks for reading!


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