A new Ready To Ship Rag Quilt + Another Farmer’s Wife Block + The New Bumper Design + the Hemmer Foot + The Beginnings of Honey Butter


That might be the longest post title I’ve ever used, but I have a lot to say today.

First, today I listed a new rag quilt throw.

I have been looking at this stack of 7″ blocks for some time. They’ve been in my way and have been moved often. A few years ago when I had the whole collection of these fabrics they were the little scraps that piled up and were never used.

Well, finally I’ve used them. A large throw quilt perfect for snuggling.

If you are interested in purchasing this quilt, you can find it here in my Etsy shop.

Last night, around 11 pm, I spent an hour making this little block.

It was a complicated one of my Farmer’s Wife Quilt blocks. If you are keeping score, I have completed 12 of the 111 blocks. Whew! 99 to go.

I am still enjoying making them and working with that particular basket of my scraps. I still love all the fabrics I chose, but finding the time to whip them out is getting harder and harder. I had such high hopes to of finishing in just a few months. Hopefully, I will love it all the more for the amount of time invested in it.

The new bumper design. Oh, the stress I have endured trying to make this a better product. I have cursed and screamed and had hot flashes. I have felt my blood pressure rise and was ready to throw things. But after all that, after all the bad days, I am finally happy with the design.

My issues:

Seems like I already posted about a new bumper design when I added the foam inserts. I had some trouble sewing them closed and it was so much trouble getting them into the sewing machine and I have a strong aversion to handsewing ANYTHING. So they stressed me.

I decided that a zipper closure would be the best method to go with them, also, this makes them washable. You simply take the foam out of the cover and wash. Easy peasy.

I’ve serged the inside of the bumpers so no need to worry about that tangled mess of threads. Nice and neat and durable.

This bumper pictured was for a custom order. She wanted a ruffled trim added to the top, so that is now an option for the bumpers.

Fabric ties.

I always loved the satin ribbon tie look, but to make it a more durable product and be able to hold up in the wash, all the bumpers now come with fabric ties. You can even choose the fabric for them.

Here’s those zipper closures.

I took this class on Craftsy about presser feet. My new machine came with a whole bunch of feet and most of them I didn’t know what they did. I’m horrible when it comes to reading manuals or things like that. I always prefer to dive in and see what happens. The result of that is using the same presser foot for five years no matter what.

When I bought the new machine, the sales lady was showing me all 80 feet that Bernina makes for their sewing machine. She even demonstrated several of them. I decided it was time to learn what was what. The craftsy class went into a little more detail and I found what most people already know as the hemmer foot.

I had to go and buy this foot as an extra since my machine didn’t come with it. It was a little expensive, but now I know that that is okay. It was completely worth it.

I hem things like curtains or bed skirts, mostly crib skirts. I hem a lot. Like A LOT. I spend quite a bit of time hemming.

Pre-serger, I used to fold my hem over twice, press, then sew a straight line. Post-serger, I serged all the edges, then pressed and folded once then sewed a straight line. Now, there is no need to do anything but sew the straight line. The hemmer foot takes care of all of it for you.

This foot, as most of you might know, but just in case I’ll tell the people who are just like me, it turns the edge of the fabric over twice and sews the line. No need for pressing. No need for serging. No need to waste all that time. Boom. Done.

It is a little tricky to get used to working with. I found a great video tutorial here. After watching that, I just tried over and over again and picked up some tricks and tips along the way. The video was invaluable though.

I feel kind of dumb for not knowing this sooner and I’ll try very hard not to think of all the time I’ve wasted through the years. I guess sewing classes might have come in handy.

I finally, finally, finally, got to cutting up my scraps in preparation for my Honey Butter quilt.

Very excited to get that going. You remember the layout from here.

Here are the rules I’ve created for the fabrics:

No real color rules, just brights and a few navys. The background fabric though is going to be all low volume fabrics, so anything on a white or cream or gray background goes. The middle blocks of all the churn dash blocks will all be the same fabric which is going to be a cream background with brown dots and this will match the binding. This should end up as a throw size quilt. A square one.

For the main fabrics I’ve chosen a lot of Anna Maria Horner’s Pretty Potent fabrics. I had quite a bit of those scraps. A lot of florals. I’ve tried not to use so much turquoise. I feel like I over use that color a lot.

I’ve got everything cut up and ready. Stacked up in cute little stacks, labeled, with a pin stuck through them so not to get mixed up. I shall begin this week.

Thanks for keeping up with me. Have a lovely Sunday!


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