Some Vintage Pretties + Order Progress

So these came yesterday, and I petted, and oogled, and then I washed them all up and folded them all pretty and then I pet them some more. As much as I would LOVE to display these around the house, they are meant for a new and awesome product that will be coming to my shop soon. I have been inspired and right now it’s all I’m thinking of. If I could just get through some of the more difficult orders I’m working on I will begin.

Don’t you just love the feeling of being inspired? I can’t think of much anything else that feels like it. You find something and then you just fall head over heels for it and then you obsess over it and think on it and plot and plan in your head and then you fingers are just itching to dive in and get started.

Until these are out there I will think of nothing else.


I did a lot of prep work yesterday in the studio.

Jane S: all blocks for both of your quilts have been completed. I just need to stitch them together now.

These are orders all lined up for me to make.

Jane’s blocks.

Lynn B: all your blocks were sewn to background blocks to make triangles and then they were all cut. I need to trim them and press before assembly starts.

I’m loving the linens, but it happens to be messy. Who knew?

Julie G: your blocks were quilted and unpinned.

Bye for now.


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