Customer Picture + Order Progress

Thanks to McKaila for sending this wonderful picture via Instagram. Doesn’t she take the best pictures?


This weekend was a busy one, but I did manage to get things in the shop done.

The following orders have been moved out 60 days due to me not having what I need from you to complete your order. I am not complaining, so take your time and feel no rush from me: Kaitlyn M, Jessica R, Emma S, Andrea M, Kristen K, Ryan B, Jenna P, Kiara B, Brittney N, Lindsey B, Romi E, Kelly T. Most of these are guest book quilts, but there are a few memory quilts, and layaway orders as well.

The following orders have been shipped out. Done. : Ashley M, Nancy C, Kirkland H, and Tiffany M.

Jane S: I am still building your blocks, but plan on finishing that stage today.

Lynn B: All of your quilt top was cut and work has begun on getting your blocks put together.

Wendy A: your quilt top has been cut.

Megan M, Kelly M, and Jamie M: I have your guest book quilts gathered and ready.

Ra-el M: Your batting and backing was cut. Then your blocks were pinned, quilted and unpinned.

Julie G: Your quilt top was cut, as were your batting and backing was cut, and your quilt blocks were pinned.

Julie W: Your quilt top was cut.

Thanks so much everyone for supporting me and your constant words of encouragement. I hope you all have a lovely week.


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