The Next Quilt + Order Progress

I hope you had a nice weekend. I did. Sort of.

I spent Saturday working on orders, but on Sunday I worked around the house. I finally got around to pulling everything out of my oversized laundry/pantry/catch-all room and painting it. It now matches the kitchen and is SUPER clean and organized. I keep going in there and just looking so I’m feeling quite proud, oh and SORE. I ache all over. This little project took 6 hours.

I asked this past Friday if anyone had any ideas for my next quilt. Thanks so much to those of you who responded. Friday afternoon I had in my head that I was going to make a Bargello quilt. It’s a fairly difficult/time consuming pattern, but then I got into my head that I was going to do a granny square quilt. I have wanted to make one of those for a very long time, and the only reason I’ve held back is b/c you have to make it one block at a time rather than chain piecing. Still, I really want one of those quilts.

Then, I saw something that I just really needed to do.

I was very inspired by ButtonCounter’s uber scrappy churn dash block.

One of my goals for the year was to use up all the scraps from THE basket and I think this will be a project that takes up a lot of those scrap blocks. You can see all churn dash quilts here.

I’ve never seen one quite so scrappy. I plan on building the block the same way she has with more colorful fabrics making the shape and low volume prints in the background. I’m pretty excited about it, and mostly just itching to get rid of those scraps.

I built a layout for it below.

I made this in EQ7, and printed it out so I’ll get it going. I think I like doing it this way instead of drawing it in my graph book. If I could just figure out how to make my own blocks in there I’ll be set.

So this quilt will be made up 12.5 inch blocks. Half the blocks feature a full churn dash and the other half features a very small one with a border around it to make it 12.5 inches. This way the churn dashes will really stand out. I will be calling it Honey Butter.

This one is going to be very much like my Snow Day quilt where anything goes as far as color palette. No rules.


The following orders were completed and shipped out over the weekend. Done. : Danielle P, Kim S, Caryn A, Meghan W, Misty B, and Jennifer B.

Tiffany M and Kirkland H: Backing and binding was cut for your quilts and then they were pinned, quilted and unpinned.


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