Snow Day is DONE! + Order Progress

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done. Thank the heavens!

I never once got excited about this quilt until it was done and then it was came out of the dryer and I thought, “Hey, I really like this one!”

It was just made to get rid of THE basket blocks.

There were some confused looks around the house, wondering why there was no rhyme or reason to the colors, wondering why so much time was being invested on something no so cute. Even when I got the blocks done. It still wasn’t that cute. It looked simple and not thought out.

I kept saying, it doesn’t matter. It’s a scrappy quilt. It’s supposed to look like this.

When I finished putting the rows together I realized that it wasn’t all bad. Those cute little octagons are quite pleasing to the eyes, but then it came out of the dryer I just LOVED it.

This is my favorite scappy quilt I’ve ever made. The only quilt I’ve ever not had an idea for colors, just whatever is good.

It is filled with gems of fabrics. Blocks without a home, just stacked up in the basket waiting for their turn to be used. They all used to be apart of a collection, but these are the little ones that there was too many of or not enough. There are more Amy Butler fabrics in this quilt than any other designer. When I started putting the quilt together, I started thinking about how many from a multitude of her collections. Some of these had been in that basket so long that it might have beena round the time I first started quilting. I say that b/c there were some wonky 7″ blocks found.

Snow Ball is the common name of this quilt design. I don’t know where that name came from, but to me it looks more like candy. Maybe it’s the colors.

For the back, I used an Anthology fabric, forgot the designer’s name, but the fabric is just adorable.

I quilted it diagonally, but instead of running through each block, I did the diagonals within the blocks so it makes a little diamond inside each octagon.

Snow Day is a twin size quilt that measures approx. 66×88 inches.

I’ve listed it ‘ready to ship’ in my ETsy shop here. If you would like a Snow Day quilt in a different color palette or particular fabrics that you choose, you can purchase that quilt and all the details here.

Thank you so much for all your support and kind comments by email and on instagram. They really do make me feel good.

On another note…..

I normally have plans for the next quilt, and the next quilt, but this time I was a little unsure of what to make next. I received an email from a potential customer who wanted me to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I have never, EVER, ever, used curved piecing or stitching or anything to do with circles. The very thought had my teeth chattering. And on top of that I really didn’t want somebody to purchase this and HOPE for the best, so I had to turn it away.

Then of course, I spent a very long time on Pinterest just looking at those incredible quilts. Then as you can guess, I wanted to make it.

So I have ordered me a pattern (something I never do), and a ruler to go with it with big plans and high hopes. We will see what comes of it.

Until then, I am at a standstill, wondering what to do in the meantime. Does anyone have any inspiration for my next quilt? I’d love to hear from you.


Alanna M: Your nursery set shipped out. Done.

Caryn A and Kim S: I completed your quilts. They just need to be washed up.

Misty B, Tiffany M and Kirkland H: I cut up blocks for your quilt top.


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