Snow Day Quilt + Order Progress

A good part of the day was spent on this. Who knew this would be SO time consuming?

When I decided on this quilt design, I just wanted an easy, but fun quilt to use up some of those scraps in THE basket.

This definitely used a lot of them up and it is very fun LOOKING. But it was a bit tedious to make, more so than most of the other quilts patterns I’ve tried.

Once I got all the corners blocks stitched on the main block. I had to trim the corners. FOUR corners on 130 blocks. That was the single worst part of making it. Hunched over my cutting board spinning those blocks around, cutting the corners in half. Then I had to press the exact same thing. 4 corners on 130 blocks. I didn’t do a good job of breaking this quilt up into a little over a few days. I did too much of it in one day and I think that is where my exasperation lies.

I did end up completing it around 11 pm last night. I have to say that even though I consider it a BEAST, I rather love the finished product. This design (that is very popular) is so cool looking.

My daughter came into the studio and took one look at it and turned up her nose (the little quilt snob). If it doesn’t match, she doesn’t like it. I explained that this is a scrappy quilt. There is no color palette. This is freedom from color palettes and matchy matchy.

I did enjoy just pulling every fabric I liked from THE basket without a worry or not if it was going to match. If it was colorful, it made the cut.

In my opinion, besides the fact that the fabrics are very modern looking, together on this quilt, they look a little vintage. I know this doesn’t hold true for all antique quilts, but the antique quilts that I’ve been handed down by family through the years have no color palette. Nothing matches. I just see an array of fabrics sewn into the quilt without a thought in the world. No rules. Whatever you have on hand goes. Maybe my quilting ancestors just didn’t have access to a fabric store or no sense of color. Maybe. Or maybe they just used what they had and what they had was just fine.


Alanna M: I finished your quilt and it is currently in the wash. I will be completing the nursery items this morning and will ship these out this afternoon.

Anna H: Your quilt backing and batting was cut. Then your blocks pinned, quilted and unpinned.


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