Up Parasol in Persimmon rag quilts + Snow Day work + Order Progress

This is one of my favorite fabric collections I’ve worked with in a while. That hummingbird has my name on it. LOVE these prints. I know I’ve told you this, but, WOW! Heather Bailey rocks!

I’ve just listed these in both shops in all bed size quilts. Find them here in my Etsy shop.

I don’t have any listed in small quilt sizes, but if you are interested just contact me.

I don’t think I’ve talked a lot about Snow Day. It’s just a scrappy quilt with an array of colors. Last night I got the third square on all 130 blocks. That usually takes 30-40 minutes per corner. I’ve got one more corner to do and then it will be time to square up, press, and stitch together. I’ll most likely be doing that today.

I keep looking over at THE basket and just shaking my head. How will I ever use all of those blocks by the end of the year and continue to do the projects that I really want to do? Was this an unrealistic goal? Is it something I should even worry over?

The reason I do fret about THE basket is because it contains usable already cut blocks. I can’t throw them away. I can’t keep allowing them to stack up. The only thing to do is use them when I can. It just feels a little overwhelming sometimes.

I’ve been chain piecing Snow Day. The only way I really like to sew blocks. I DO NOT like to sew one at a time. I am making an exception on the Farmer’s Wife Quilt b/c it’s a very special quilt, but I always prefer to chain piece. I see a lot of quilters making blocks one at a time. It’s very common. I’m not sure if it’s the process for them or getting to see a finished block done. I like watching them make them that way, but for me, especially when it comes to a scrappy quilt, the faster I can work the better. There are quilts when it’s about the making of it and quilts when it’s about getting those fabrics used and gone. I also find chain piecing very therapeutic. I can completely zone out in my own little world. Bon Iver playing the background and running my blocks over and over through the machine. Yes, please!


Jolene T and Jessica K: your orders have shipped out.

Kelly K and Anna H: I have cut up your quilt tops.

The following orders have been moved out 30-60 days: Alana A, Kristi L, Katie N, Megan M and Lindsey B.


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