Customer Pictures + Order Progress

Remember when I did those test InstaWall quilts? Well, the final one finally made it all the way to Australia and I can show you the pictures I’ve received so far. How cute, right?!

This past week I actually sold a throw holding a whopping 36 pictures, so pretty soon I will get to working on that and you can see the other size. Thanks so much for the pictures from these two Mommas. I hope you enjoy your InstaWall quilt.

If anyone else is interested in purchasing an InstaWall quilt please find all the details here.


I did manage to get a little work in on Labor Day in between enjoying the last of summer. Somebody needs to tell the climate around here that summer is over though. We are still in the nineties and the air is thick with a humidity that you can’t imagine unless you’ve lived here.

Jolene T: I am working on this beauty above. And can I say that these fabrics are beyond scrumptious. These are Heather Bailey’s Up Parasol fabrics in the persimmon colorway. LOVE those hummingbirds!

I have this quilt 90% stitched together. It will ship out today.

I also finished the order for Jessica K. It will ship out today.

Have a good week!!


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