Labor Day Sale + FW blocks + Snow Day Quilt + Order Progress

I’ve done 7 of my 111 Farmer’s Wife blocks. I am more than digging the color palette and fabrics chosen.

I do have a little confession, the last two blocks I made the ‘ribbons’ at the bottom and above it the ‘bowtie’, I ended up making twice. Not because I messed up, but b/c I forgot when I printed out my pattern foundation to uncheck the ‘fit to page’ block. I got really angry when the blocks were too small and I realized my mistake. I didn’t touch this quilt for another two days afterwards. So if you are making this quilt the same way I am DON’T FORGET to uncheck that pesky little box.

This is a twin size stashbuster quilt I am working on between all the other projects. THE basket is still spilling out over the top even after taking out 130 blocks for this quilt, but I’ve definitely made a difference and I’ve got some more stashbuster quilts planned to that ever-growing basket.

It’s hard to show what’s going on with this quilt, so if you are interested in seeing a snowball quilt like the one I am making check out this. This quilt will be made up of 650 pieces. That blows my mind when I think of it.


The following orders have been completed and have shipped out. Done: Christina S, Patti B, Sarah M, Joellen H, and Nhi D.

I have cut the quilt tops for these orders: Alanna M and Danielle P

Meghan W: your quilt blocks have been quilted and unpinned.

Jennifer B: backing and batting was cut and then your quilt blocks were pinned, quilted and unpinned.


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