1 Farmer’s Wife Block + Snow Day Quilt + Order Progress

  1. This block is called ‘Cut Glass Dish’
  2. I cut my finger with my rotary blade on the first moment
  3. This is a BEAST of a quilt block. Most difficult and tedious block I’ve made
  4. Took an hour and a half
  5. Bottom 2 rows of triangles are turned the wrong way.
  6. Not happy.
  7. So very glad I paper pieced it. If I had not I know that it would not have come out with perfect sized triangles.

Yesterday I started on Snow Day. It’s a snowball quilt.


Julie S: I finished your Irish Chain quilt. I LOVE the candy colors.

The last one I made I quilted diagonally, but I didn’t like the x’s on the blank blocks, so on this one I went with wavy lines going horizontally. What do you think?

Julie S and Corinne T: completed and shipped out. Done.

Jolene T: Your quilt blocks were pinned, quilted and unpinned.


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