More Farmer’s Wife Blocks + Breathless Quilt + Order Progress

I hope that you have not tired of seeing my Farmer’s Wife blocks. If you have, I apologize and please just bear with me. I’m very much enjoying this process, but I’m sure that will begin to wane soon and become more spaced out. As it is now, I’m still going strong.

I’m very much enjoying playing with the many different fabrics I’ve set aside with this quilt. Each block completely different in pattern and quite a big difference in fabrics. Obviously, the color palette is the same, but that doesn’t mean all the same colors will be in each block. Some look very different, like the one’s I did last night from the one’s I talked about yesterday.

I was going to go in order, but I’m enjoying skipping around the book and just picking the block I will do. I’m also writing little bits of info on each page after I complete a block with the date, how I made, a tiny snippet of my day. This might be the most difficult quilt I ever make, so I’d like it to be memorable.

I’ve noticed that the blocks (so far) are taking me about 30 minutes to complete paper piecing them. I don’t think I’ve done an overly complicated one yet, so will see if that stays the same.

8 months ago I would have told you how much I despise paper piecing, but today I’m in love with it. It is so easy for me now. Once you finally get the hang of it and if you keep things in order, there are no questions. I wish I had found a good tutorial that helped me out more at first. There is a routine and you just need to stick with it. Fold, stack, trim, unfold, stitch, press, and repeat again and again until the block is done. Easy peasy. And the best part is all my angles are perfection. All my triangle points line up. I’m glad I decided to do it this way instead of using the templates.

Also, I like to write down before I start which fabric goes where and not figure it out as I go along. That has helped tremendously.

This is my Breathless rag quilt. I got it done over the weekend, but finally got it listed in my Etsy shop. I have a king ready to ship for a limited time. I also listed it in all the other sizes in both of my shops.

Find it here.


All day yesterday I worked on the custom Irish Chain Quilt. : Julie S

I have to tell you that I really LOVE making an irish chain quilt. There is something about it’s simplicity and all that negative space. I wish I had a longarm quilting machine and I would make it so very special. Since I’m just straight line quilting, I opted for just curvy horizontal lines. Very different from the last Irish Chain when I quilted diagonally.

This was purchased for a customer of mine on Etsy by her grandmother. Julie. She didn’t have many preferences and pretty much just gave me colors and is letting me do my own thing. Which I love. It meant all the fabrics came from my stash. I got to pick out everything as long as it fell in those colors. I hope she likes it. I felt a little pressure when making all the decisions, even though I really prefer it this way.

Other orders that got worked on yesterday…..(sorry to hijack this post with one order)

Christina S: Your quilt top and batting and backing have been cut. And you shams.

Caryn A: Your quilt top and backing have been cut.

Kim S and Meghan W: both of your quilt tops have been cut.

Sarah M and Jolene T: your quilt was pinned, quilted and unpinned.

Thanks for following along with me!





3 thoughts on “More Farmer’s Wife Blocks + Breathless Quilt + Order Progress

  1. Love your Farmers Quilt blocks, I really like your approach to making them. I’m thinking of starting one too so found it interesting that you are paper piecing the blocks, I think I will take that approach too. I love paper piecing for its accuracy!

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