The Beginnings of my Farmer’s Wife Quilt + New Crib Bumpers + Order Progress

I confess, for the last few days this quilt is the only thing I can think of. It feels up my thoughts and I’m excited about every step of the process. Every inch forward is progress.

I think it’s good to get excited about making a quilt, it means I’ve chosen the correct profession.

Friday, I chose my color palette.

This took me a long time to decide, but I knew I wanted navy blue and definitely coral. It was the other colors that I had a hard time choosing. I used pinterest to help me decide the right color palette. I’ve talked more about how to do that here. This time I used it a little differently since I wanted to use all scraps for this quilt, and not purchase fabric for it. So I took my color palette and went to my scrap basket. With the help of Raven, we pulled all the scraps that had these colors in them. It looked like this.

We actually end up, after looking at it for a long time, pulling out all the yellows, except the gold ones. I wasn’t a fan of bright yellow.

I put all my scraps for this quilt in a separate basket with my book.

I’m hoping I’ve set aside enough scraps. I pulled everything in the colors I wanted for this quilt and I actually put a good dent in my scrap stash.

I joined this yahoo group, because after researching this quilt to death, I decided that I would paper piece all my blocks. The pieces are so tiny and the end blocks are only 6″, so paper piecing will probably leave me a little less stressed and with some much more perfect looking blocks. The yahoo group kindly gave me all the paper piecing patterns.

Last night, I put up a design wall. All this is, is two pieces of batting stretched and taped down on my studio closet doors. The blocks cling to them and I can stare at them as I work and hopefully inspire me to keep making them. Also, I can see if the colors and fabrics are working together well.

Last night, after midnight, I made two blocks, #1 Attic Windows and #2 Autumn Tints.

I’m pleased with how they came out. I’m also pleased with the colors. Below is them on the design wall.

Pretty nifty, huh? There are hundreds of ideas for making your own design wall on pinterest, so if you’ve been wanting one, I say go for it.

The Farmer’s Wife quilt will be a long project for me. It won’t be something I get to work on everday, just a little here and there, but hopefully, I won’t drag it out more than a few months.

We’ve got new crib bumpers now.

I’ve always used 4 layers of batting for my crib bumpers, but I recently had a customer who couldn’t get hers to stand correctly. I didn’t know if it was the bumper or if she had an unusually size crib, but I thought it was time to update this product.

Now my bumper’s have nu-foam in them instead of batting. Nu foam a safe alternative. It is flame retardant and non-allergenic. It doesn’t yellow or disintegrate. It’s also just the right size of thickness and stands up completely on it’s own. I think it looks a lot better to.

If you have purchased a bumper from me and are currently waiting on your order, I will be making your bumper with the Nu Foam. I know you will be much happier.

Also, the bumper now comes in 6 separate pieces insead of one long piece. This will come in handy when you convert your crib to a toddler bed. You can still have the bumper and just take off the pieces you don’t need.

More info on my bumpers here.


The following orders were completed and shipped out. Done. : Victor Q, Julie K, Courtney W, Chelsey S, Karen C, and Kimberly S.

Nadia B: I moved your order out 30 days. No rush, but I’m waiting on you.

Patti B: Your quilt top was cut, as was batting and backing and it was pinned quilted and unpinned.

Corinne T: Your quilt top was cut and batting and backing as well. It has been quilted.

Joellen H, Nhi D, Sarah M, Jolene T : Your quilt tops have been cut.


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