The Farmer’s Wife Quilt + Order Progress

Happy Friday, people!

I am overly joyful to announce that my copy of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt book has arrived.

If you do not know or have never heard of this quilt or book, (I have not read it yet), each block is inspired by a different farmer’s wife, the blocks come with templates and a story. They are old blocks from the twenties, so think very traditional. There are a total of 111 of them. Each one being different.

I’m not sure if it’s just me or all quilters, but to complete this quilt puts you in some special club (make believe), it’s an accomplishment, something to brag about. Once you have completed the quilt you are then considered a “farmer’s wife”.

The issue I have with this book, which I only discovered last December, (I’m always behind. I live in a bubble), is that it doesn’t include modern cutting and piecing instructions. It uses templates and an older way of doing things. That is fine. I want to keep with the spirit of the book and the twenties, but it just gave me some pause, especially after reading some of the Amazon reviews.

However, I’ve taken the plunge and am anxious to get started.

The book comes with a CD rom to get the templates and I have a new PC and it doesn’t have CD rom, so I’ve already come into some complications. My step-daughter was able to do it on her computer and then email me all the templates. Wow! They are 1 template to a page.

If anyone has made this quilt and has any advice I would TRULY appreciate it.

If you’d like to see other’s finished Farmer’s Wife Quilt I have created a board of my favorite one’s I could find online.

This will be an incredibly slow project with just a few squares done here and there and of course I will post all of my progress.


The following orders were moved out 30-60 days since I am waiting on you before I can start. No rush. Take your time: Chloe T, Emma S, Megan M, Kristen K, Sadie C, Kiara B, and Andrea M.

Joellen H, and Corinne T: I have cut up blocks for your quilt top.

Kimberly S: both of your quilts have been completed.

Victor Q: Your quilt has been completed and washed. It will ship out today.

Courtney W and Chelsey S: backing and batting have been cut for your quilt.

Camille B: your quilt top has been cut and your batting and backing has been as well.


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