The Minis are Completed + I Heart Granny Banners + Order Progress

I worked so hard yesterday. I feel like I worked all day long, BUT the minis are done. Thank goodness! My patience for a project was reaching its maximum levels. I have other ideas to move on to.

I tend to always be doing that. Before I complete a project that I could not wait to start on, I’ll start thinking about the next project and then I’m ready to start on that. It’s a circle I go round and round on.

But let’s show you the minis….

Ta da!

I was thinking that minis would be quick short and easy, well, maybe not if you make 8 of them. Then it just feels like a big ol quilt.

I have to tell you how much I love them. I LOVE them! Unfortunately the only place I had to take pictures was in the sight of my future studio (the basement) with its ugly flourescent lighting. That will get changed before I move in. It was the only blank walls in the whole house.

This one is a mini of my Follow Your Arrow quilt. They were little orphan blocks already ready, so this one was a breezy as it was sort of half finished.

This one is for my daughter’s wall above her bed. I’ll probably get pics of just hers today. I’m offering these custom made so you can choose any letter.

The feathers. My daughter’s idea. This one is for her room as well.

Diamond motif. Listed as ready to ship in my etsy shop.

My absolute favorite. I am just drooling over this one. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt with hexagons, but they are quite a task and I havent found the time to conquer them yet, so this is kind of getting my hexagon without working for it. It’s just like a log cabin, but not square. It took quite a bit of time to just do the one block, but I’m imagining a whole quilt of these and I’m liking what I’m imagining.

This one is also for sale ready to ship. It is called a wonky hexi log cabin. I like saying that.

The mason jar for sale here.

Pinwheels. You can see this one here.

Definitely the one I worked the hardest on. I am going to sell these made to order here.

So there you go, that’s all the minis. Now for the I Heart Granny Banners.

The granny squares for these were hand crocheted by my friend Anna. She has the cutest baby hat shop here.

I must tell you that I cannot stop looking at them. Each one on the banner is a little different from the next and she used the best colors. I love the combos.

I’ve put them 6 to a banner on pom pom string. They measure about 57 inches and would look great in so many places. I loved them mixed in with my minis. They’d also look good over a crib with other décor, along a mantle, there are so many possibities.

I’ve left about 10″ inches are both ends for hanging purposes. You can tie them to whereever you want them or I used pushpins to put mine on the wall. The actually granny square is about 5″ squared.

I hope that you love them as much as I do.

I’ve added a whole new section to the shop called Mini Quilts & Wall Décor, and I’d love for you to check it out.


Brandi K: your quilt and sham shipped out. Done

Andrea L: I finished your quilt and it shipped out. Done.

Victor Q: Your blocks were pinned, quilted and unpinned. I will be starting on sewing them together first thing today.


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