Another Mini + a new Quilt + Order progress

It was one of those weekends where it felt completely full except not a lot of progress was made. The exception is that my house is very clean.

I did squeeze out another mini quilt.

This was paper pieced. It was a beast of a project, but I managed to pull it off. Those tiny feet! Oh, yes, they got done. Not a normal project for me. I don’t usually take on something with this much difficulty.

I’m sure you see a couple of mistakes. Or maybe you don’t. Hopefully. Regardless I am overly pleased with this mini. My daughter’s name is Raven so it suits her perfectly and will look fantastic above her bed. I cannot wait to finish it.

Here is a quick pic of how it started…

It looked a little overwhelming. I’m amazed I pulled the feet off.

This was made in my Everything Nice fabrics. This is a crib size rag quilt. I’ve got them all available here.


Julie S: I got your blocks ready for the Irish Chain. I am really enjoying this. Thanks for being so flexible with everything.

Victor Q and Brandy K: Your quilt tops were cut into blocks.



Pamela R: Your nursery set shipped out.

Meghan L: I moved your order out 60 days. Waiting on you, but no rush at all.

Sandy L: your order is completed. I just need to package it up and ship it out.

Brandi K and Bradley M: I finished both your quilts and they are currently in the wash.


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