Quick Tutorial on Putting Diamonds between your quilt blocks + 2 More mini Quilts + Order Progress

Sometimes quilt blocks turn out plainer than you want and are need of some gussying up. This is a real quick method for doing that.

I’ve cut 2″ blocks and sat them on each corner of my already assembled block.

Next you are going to stitch them down at angle. Rotate your block as you go to make sure you are stitching down the right angle. It’s always from the upper left corner to the lower right corner if you rotate the block clockwise after sewing each block.

Once you have all 4 sewn down, take them to your cutting mat and rotary cut ¼ inch from your stitch line.

Press them open and it will look like this.

Sew them together with other blocks you did the same for and this is the end result. Diamonds. You can make the corner blocks you started with larger if you want bigger diamonds or even smaller. The size doesn’t matter as long as all of them are the same.

Yesterday I made two super quick new mini quilt tops. I now have a total of 3.

This one is I hope it’s obvious enough, is a mason jar. The lid didn’t come out completely like I’d hoped, but I made some adjustments for when I make it again. It was really easy and might have taken me 10-20 minutes tops.

This one you might remember is my Follow Your Arrow pattern. These were orphan blocks from the last time I made it so the work was already half done for me. I just had to stitch my half square triangles together.

I’d like to get 8-10 of these made up. I have a new product to showcase and I wanted to photograph it with the mini quilts completed and on the wall. So I’m really trying to find time to get a few done a day. More of this to come.


The following your orders shipped out. Done. : Shelley F and Danette H.

Sunny F: Your quilt has been completed, but I’m waiting to hear from you before shipping.

Pamela R: Your quilt was completed and so was your crib skirt.

Sandy L: the rest of your quilt blocks were pinned.

Sarah M & Angie V: both of your wedding blocks shipped out to you.


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