Feather Mini Quilt + A Mini Quilt Swap + Order Progress

Yesterday for a wee little bit, I worked on my first attempt at making feathers. I came up with my own pattern. Not sure if it’s obvious or not that they are feathers. I think the stem is a little too wide, definitely narrower stem next time.

I finished four of the feathers for a mini quilt.

I’m going to be making a series of mini quilts in the next week or two. Hopefully, one a day? That might be a little ambitious, but it’s what I’m going for. We’ll see if it things work out that way.

This one was fairly quilt, a couple of hours. More on it when it’s complete and has friends.


I signed up for this.

Pretty thrilled that I made it in. I’ve never done a swap before. In case you don’t know, the idea behind it is, I will be making a mini quilt for someone that I don’t know. I’ll have to browse around their social media and the required questionnaire and come up with something personalized for them. I’ll send this to them at a deadline with some more little goodies. Somebody will also be doing the same for me. Give a quilt, get a quilt. The deadline is not until December, so I have more than plenty of time.

If you’d like to join just contact the sponsor, details in picture. She’s taking 200 participants.


The following orders were moved out 60 days: Tabatha F, Jessica C, and Austin C. I’m waiting on you. No rush.

Anna H: your order was moved out 30 days. No rush. Take your time.

Tiphanie B: Your memory quilt has shipped out. Done.

Lindsay D: Your nursery set has shipped out. Done.

Sandy L: backing and batting has been cut for your quilt and it has begun to be pinned.

Bradley M: clothing was cut into blocks for your memory quilt.

Brandi K and Andrea L: your quilt tops were cut up into blocks.


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