InstaWall Quilt Reveal + 2 Ready To Ship Quilts + Quilt Labels + Order Progress

Prepare yourself for too many pictures.

My two InstaWall mini quilts are done. Woo hoo! Finally. I feel like a drug a little on these, but I think I just kept getting busy with orders.

I think I’ve discussed these quilts for the most part, but just in case you have not been following along until now….

InstaWall Quilt is made with pictures from your Instagram feed. Like an Instagram wall, but on a quilt.

I have them in two sizes. The mini quilt holds 9 pictures, and I have a throw size that holds 36 pictures.

The mini is made to be displayed on a wall, like a piece of art. Pushpins will hold it in place, you can see that in the picture below. I’ve just used a simple pushpin at the corners.

I’ve done quilting around the pictures, but not on top of them, just some whimsy curvy lines.

Both of these two quilts were made for product testers to test out the process of purchasing this quilt.

I made them both with random fabrics from my stash. I have them listed in the shop completely customizable though.

You’ll notice that the pictures are on a bit of a tilt (that’s my favorite part). First time I’ve ever tilted anything. It was super easy and I will probably do a tutorial on it soon.

Both sizes of InstaWall quilts are available here in my shop. I’ve also detailed the process of ordering them there too.

I’m so glad to get this one listed and available to purchase. Hopefully, in time for Christmas orders.

Both of these crib sized rag quilts were listed yesterday in the shop. Both came from THE basket (I pulled out 90 7″ squares and it still looks like I haven’t even touched it).

I just used mostly random for the girl quilt. The boy quilt is made up with mostly an older line from Denise Schmidt. A fabric line I loved, but now can’t find. I can’t remember the name of it either.

Both of them are listed in my etsy shop under ‘ready to ship’ items.

I’ve listed quilt labels in Fabric Bird, customizable. You will find them available here.


The following orders were completed and shipped out. Done. : Meghan M, Lisa T, John B, Tamara A, and Melissa M.

Lindsay D: Your crib quilt was completed. I will probably start on the other nursery pieces today.

Pamela R: Your quilt blocks were quilted and unpinned.

Shelley F: backing and batting was cut for your order. It was then pinned, quilted, and unpinned.

Danette H: backing and batting was cut for your quilt. It has been pinned.


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