New Listings + Another Picture Tease + A Pattern + Order Progress

So many things this weekend…..

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I’ve been pretty busy. No relaxing by the pool for me, I’ve been going and going nonstop.

Let’s start with the new listings I listed this weekend.

This quilt was for an order. It’s made with Anna Maria Horner’s Pretty Potent fabrics in the ‘queen’ colorway.

What I like most about these fabrics is not just pretty fabrics to work with but each of the fabrics represents a healing plant. For example there is aloe Vera, eucalyptus, primrose, thistle and more.

This quilt is available in large throw size (shown here) in my ETsy shop here. Or if you want it in a different size I have it custom order here in all the colorways.

You’ve seen this quilt. It’s uber popular in my shop right now. It’s a good thing, b/c I purchased a whole bolt of the fabric collection when it was on sale earlier this year. I love when I make good purchases compared to buying a whole collection of fabrics by the bolt and having it sit on my shelves year after year unloved by my customers.

This is Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill in poppy. This is the first nursery set I completed with it, though I’ve made MANY quilts from it. My favorite fabric from this one is those red tulips.

This nursery set is available here in the shop. You can also add crib bumpers, teething guards, changing pads, pillows and curtains.

Now for that sneak peek…

This picture has gotten a lot of love on my Instagram feed.

I did not make these, but I will share that info when they are what they will soon be. These crochet granny squares are for a new product, coming this week. I’m super excited about it, and wanting to share, but must wait. Soon. In the meantime, they sit on my desk, me drooling, and petting them. I really need to learn to crochet. I MUST have this. And maybe this one too.

I have listed the Washi Tape Quilt Pattern in PDF for on Fabric Bird here.

It probably took me a total of 7-8 hours to complete this. A fact I’m not happy about. There was a lot of different things in it though, so maybe that is why. I’ve thought about purchasing the Electric Quilt 7. Not sure if it good for creating patterns? If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it.


The following orders shipped out. Done. : Jessica B, Odell H, Melissa P, and Tomas L.

Tamara A & Lindsay D: Your quilt tops have been completed and batting and backing have been prepared.

Tiphanie B: your clothing has been cut into blocks

Pamela R: Your quilt top, batting and backing have been cut into blocks. Your blocks were pinned.

The following orders quilt tops were cut into blocks: Shelly F, Danette H, and Sunny F.


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