More InstaWall Quilt + Order Progress

I feel like yesterday I was run ragged. All my muscles ached and I felt wounded most of the day. Not sure if it was just lack of sleep or a full day. I’m feeling much better today, although sleep is still a little skewed.

Very late last night I worked on the 2nd of my mini InstaWall quilts. I’m about halfway through the quilt top.

Still need to add those little diamonds and then I’ll stitch those blocks together. I might do a little mini tutorial on it tomorrow. Super fun and easy, and yet adds so much little charm.


Not a lot of pictures from yesterday’s work. I apologize. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of picture worthy moments. I sat at my sewing table most of the day, but I did get quite a bit accomplished.

Thomas L, Melissa P, and Odell H: all of your quilts were sewn together, and then washed and dried. They will be packaged up today and shipped out.

John B: Your quilt’s backing and batting was cut. It was then pinned, quilted, and unpinned. I’ll be sewing it up today.


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