Last Day of Summer + InstaWall Quilt + Order Progress

Today is the kid’s last day of summer. School starts back for us tomorrow. If my kids were younger I would be appreciating this fact, but now that they are older (both of them going to high school this year!) I am not looking forward to it.

School starting back when they were younger was a relief, back to structure, but now it just means another change in my schedule. During the summer I’ve taken on a schedule that I think is more to my nature. I don’t go to bed until 12:30-1 am, and I usually get up at 7 on jogging days OR 8-9 am on normal days. There are no need for naps, no tired moments, everything is perfect. I get full days.

School starting back means I’m going to have to wake up at 6am, something I am not good at and go to bed earlier, another something I’m not good at. I know what happens. You can’t fight your nature. I will still want to stay up til midnight. Then I’ll be forced to get up at 6, then I’m dragging all day, in need of a nap. I take that nap and my day gets lost.

I know it’s all relative, but it just never feels like it.

Summer, why do you have to go?

You might remember me talking about the InstaWall quilt here. Where I chose two of my past customers to get a free mini quilt of a new quilt design I was working on.

I was surprised yesterday with the fabric with photos arrived. Normally, it takes so much longer, but they are HERE. And turned out beautifully.

This quilt is going to look like an Instagram wall. Have you seen those? I’ve got my own right behind my sewing desk (see top picture of blog, on banner). Inspired by these. They are sometimes called Instagram walls or Insta-walls. I ADORE them. I really need to update mine. I take pics constantly and am always uploading to Instagram.

I was getting ideas for new quilts, looking for inspiration. I have been wanting to make a polaroid quilt for a while, using THE basket. I really like them, I just haven’t gotten around to that quilt yet. While looking here, I noticed how similar they looked like Instagram walls and then the idea of my InstaWall Quilt was born. Like a polaroid quilt, but modernized. I also wanted to use actual Instagram pictures.

So late last night I began……

Since I am only making two mini quilts, I will probably finish the quilt tops up today. I can’t wait to show you and get these new quilts to their new home.


Alexander M: I finished your second quilt and they were washed and dried. Will be shipping out today.

Jessica B: Your quilt batting and backing was cut. It was pinned, quilted and unpinned. Then, I finished sewing it together. The quilt part of your order is complete and the rest will get done today.

Odell H: Batting and backing was cut for your quilt. It was then pinned up.


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