Washi Tape Quilt Reveal + New Rapture Quilt + Order Progress

So here it is, finished. The Washi Tape Quilt. I am uber pleased with how this one turned out. I think I just love the idea of it the most. The aquas and teals worked out great. I depleted my stash of aqua. It’s now just a short stack which is good. I need to do another idea like this and just use greens. My green stash is getting out of hand.

The washi tape quilt measures approx. 60 inches square. I’ve done echo quilting all over it, a little bit of a pain around the triangles, but the end result was worth it.

I think I’ve already told you that my favorite part of this quilt was the string blocks. I REALLY need to make a whole quilt with those. The only thing is they take forever. Maybe a good long project? I tend to like long projects, I’m usually more about doing a little here and there until finished, whereas these small projects I just like to get done and be done and rush them a little. Longer projects are more therapeutic.

These are the new labels. I’m probably going to list them custom made for sale on Fabric Bird.

I have this washi tape quilt for sale in my Etsy shop here. If you are interested in a custom one where you can pick your own fabrics or colors. See them for sale here.

This is a rag quilt made in Pat Bravo’s Rapture fabrics. I’ve been wanting to use these fabrics for a long time. I am SO pleased with how it turned out.

Shades of pink, aqua and yellow, this quilt will brighten and cheer up any room it’s placed in. I am in love with the color palette!

I’ve got this one for sale in both shops in every size here.


Progress for this past weekend went like thisโ€ฆ..

Nadia B: I moved your order out 30 days. Waiting on you, but no rush. Take your time.

Kasey C & Jamie M: both of your quilts were completed and shipped out. Done.

Megan M: your quilts were completed and packaged up, but you didn’t list a street address on your shipping or billing info. I’ve put your package to the side until I hear from you.

Tracy L: both of your quilts were completed and they have been washed and dried. I will be packaging them up today to ship out.

Alexander M: One of your quilts has been quilted and ready for me to stitch together. The other one has been pinned and awaiting being quilted.

Jessica B & Odell H: your quilt tops have been cut up.

Thanks so much for following along! Have a great week!


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