New Washi Tape Quilt Design + Order Progress

This is the new quilt design I will probably start working on today. I just have drew it out on paper. Super simple. Just a quick easy quilt project to use up some of THE basket (no I have not forgot that I want to have that basket gone by the end of the year).

This will be a lap/throw quilt and should measure around 60×60 inches.

I’ve got it broken down into rows so that it will resemble washi tape. The top row is chevron, and the next row will just be fabric, then a 4-patch, then more fabric, then some equilateral triangles (never worked with those before), and then more fabric, and then finally some string blocks. It’s actually going to be turquoise, not sure why I drew in pink. So, yep, super easy.


I finished up the quilt for Melody L. It’s in the dryer and will be packaged up today.


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