A few Weekend Tidbits + Order Progress

A few nights ago I sent out a newsletter.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing response. I was overwhelmed. I ended up choosing two different ladies to test this out for me. It will be a quilt with photographs on it, so that was why I needed the testers. If you sent me an email saying you were interested and didn’t get chosen, I apologize. I literally had the testers within 2-3 minutes of sending out the email, and I sent the email out in the wee hours after midnight. I was not expecting such a big response. But thanks so much for responding!

I had about 5 responses immediately after pressing send. I picked the two that had the most close-up shots of their children.

I should probably start talking more about this quilt in about two weeks or so. That is when I will get the photographs back in from the fabric printer. So stay tuned on this.

This is the cactus pin cushion that my daughter made last week. Pretty good, huh? She had a little problem with the hand sewing, but other than that pretty simple.


Melissa M: clothing has been cut into blocks for both of your quilts.

Brandy D:  your quilt top has been cut up

Tracy L:  one of your quilt tops has been cut up.

Stacey O & Country I: both of your orders were completed and it shipped out. Done

Britta K: shipped out. Done.

Melody L: I have your smaller quilt completed and ready to go. Your larger quilt was cut up, quilted, and I am in the process of putting it together now. It should get finished up today.

The following customers’ orders have been moved out 60 days b/c I am waiting on something from you. No rush, just keeping you in the know.

Lindsey B, Romi E, Kelly T, Shana S, Jenna P, Kaitlyn S, Lisa P, Alisa G.


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