Back in Action + Order Progress

I am back in action from a quick cross country trip. It was nice to get away, but I’ve come back so inspired and refreshed and full of new ideas.


Britta K: your quilt was sewn together and it has been washed and dried. I still have to package it up.

This is actually the same quilt that is on my daughter’s bed and she noticed me making it, she wanted to know why I was selling her quilt. She said she thought it was special for her. I might have to make her another one.

Country I: Backing and batting was cut up for your quilt and it was quilted.

Stacy O: Backing and batting was cut up for your quilt as well, along with your teething guard.

Amber B: I cut up the clothing you sent me for your memory quilt, but I was quite a bit short. I sent you an email about it, but this will be put on hold until I hear from you. Take your time, not rushing you.

I always hear about mothers who sew or quilt having their children in their sewing studio doing the same along with them. I remember doing this with my Grandma. I LOVED playing in her sewing room. Still do, actually. My own children never really did this.

When I first started the shop, my son was probably around 8 years old and he would stack all the quilt blocks up for me into rows for a $1. So sweet. But that has long gone. My daughter never really wanted any part of it. It kind of bothered me. Not that she had to, but I thought it might be something sweet we could bond over. She’s 16 and more than sassy, but she’s very artsy, so I thought it would be.

No, they thought sewing and quilting was for old ladies (I hate when people say that). Fine.

Raven took Home Ec. So she ended up learning how to sew, just not from me. She made some pillows in class and she made me donate a whole bunch of fabric so the teacher would give her extra points, but other than that, nothing.

Finally, yesterday, a breakthrough came. I was working on a quilt and she came along and sat at the other machine. I was telling her about these mini quilts I was going to make for her wall as my next project. She couldn’t picture it so I showed her some pictures. It must have inspired her because she wanted to make something right then. The above picture is the beginnings of a cactus pin cushion. All by herself with just a little bit of instruction from me (very independent, don’t tell me what to do). Fingers crossed she finishes it up today. That kid needs a hobby.

Thanks for reading and hope your weekend is wonderful!


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