Order Progress + Finished Wobbly Quilt

Sorry for the delay in today’s post. Today was filled up from the moment I woke until just now with 2 teenagers. Locker day and the getting of their schedules for this coming semester was how I spent my morning. Then we hit Walmart for school supplies. I did not enjoy that part, and then we went shopping for back to school clothes. I must say that my fourteen year old son is a shopaholic. He adores clothing more than any other male I know.

After that we had eye appointments for both of them and that seemed to take forever, but I home now, late, but ready to hit the studio.

On to order progress from yesterday…


Kami J: I basted, quilted and then binded your quilt. It was washing when the day ended.

Melissa T: your quilt was quilted and then unpinned and I’ve got the blocks ready to stitch together.

Laura Z: Backing and batting was cut for your quilt. It was also pinned, quilted, and then unpinned.

Denielle R: Backing and batting was cut up for your quilt and it was all pinned together.


I did the basting and quilting and binding for wobbly quilt yesterday.

I quilted horizontal lines across it top to bottom. I never get over how long it takes to actually do the quilting on a quilt this size. I guessed at how long it would take and then it ended up taking twice that amount.

I figured since I made the quilt completely made of scraps (except that backing) that I might as well do a scrappy binding as well. I’ve been keeping the unused bindings on all my previous quilts, watching my binding roll grow with each quilt I make and I had lots of colorful options. This was my first time using scrappy binding. I think it was perfect for this quilt.

And now the moment I have been waiting for almost three weeks now…..

I know that I have already talked about how much this quilt did not turn out like I had originally envisioned. It really took on a life of its own. I had an idea in my head, but when it came together it didn’t look like my idea. I was disappointed b/c I wanted the original idea, but I can’t say that I don’t like this quilt. These pics really do not do it justice.

Wobbly quilt is made up of 855 pieces of scrap fabric. Gorgeous fabric. But when I designed the pattern it was supposed to look ‘wobbly’ like the colored blocks were any minute going to topple over. Because I used all those shades of gray as my background colors, the wobbles tend to just get lost.

I shouldn’t complain so much. I finished a full size quilt using nothing but scraps in about three weeks. That’s good work.

I will make this quilt again, same pattern, but next time I’ll use a light solid background.

I just pulled this from the dryer and it smells incredible. Clean and frumpy and ready to be the centerpoint of any room.

I dyed muslin in turquoise for the backing. It’s a lot brigter in person. Not sure what is with these pics.

Wobbly quilt is a full size quilt measuring 85×98 inches. Tons of fantastic fabrics in this one. I pulled my best scraps for it. There is a lot of Pat Bravo’s Rapture in it, a lot of turquoise and all the background is done in shades of gray fabrics. I annihilated my stash of gray for this quilt. Take that stash!

I’ve listed this for sale in my Etsy shop here. But I will also list it as a custom quilt so that you could pick your own fabrics for it. I will eventually list a pattern for it, but I think I’ll wait and complete one with a solid background before I do that just so it gets shown off more.

Thank you all for following along with me while I made this. I really enjoyed hearing your ideas and points of view. This was an idea of one of my customers, so I really wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.


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