Guest Book Quilts + A Bit of Gardening + Friday-Sunday Order Progress

I know I’ve posted these pictures before, but Brittany was the only customer to ever show me pictures of a wedding guest book quilt displayed, so I’m showing them again. I will soon have more pics of displays like this, my step daughter is getting married next year so I’ll take some picture of my own.

This is a fantastic display though, don’t you think?

Summer must be the time to get married b/c I have sold more guest book quilts this summer than ever before. I have had many ask me how to display and I thought what better way to show you than a Pinterest board. As usual. They are so handy. Are they not?

So here is my Sign Our Quilt – a Guest book Quilt display smorgasbord.

It’s so nice to have so many ideas in the same place. If you have pics you’d like to share with me, I’d LOVE to see them! Email them to me.


Last year I talked a lot about my garden, but this year I haven’t so I thought I’d just give a quick update.

Though the tomato plants look unhealthy they are producing a huge amount of tomatoes. I canned 6 cans of them just this weekend. LOVE canning.

I have used and diced up bell pepper after bell pepper. I use these usually to cook with and it’s nice not to have to buy them at the grocery store every time I go. I’ve got some I’m using fresh and I’ve frozen several of them all diced up. They are also the healthiest plant growing in the garden, right up front. At least ten inches bigger than last year.

We planted zucchini. I don’t eat it, but my husband does and I can’t cook it fast enough there are so many of them. Maybe I should make a bread with it? Not excited about it since I don’t eat it.

I usually have more cucumbers than I can handle, but this year not so much. It’s producing, but at a more reasonable rate that I can deal with. We didn’t plan nearly as many. We like cucumbers though, cold, in water, pickled, over my eyes. Cucumbers = good.

The cantaloupe plant looks good, no fruit yet.

Watermelons are the same as usual, rotting before ripening. I think we get too much rain here for this plant to ever make it. Will keep trying. I am not letting it take over the garden like last year though. See I’ve gotten smarter.

I’m done with corn though. Done. I will not plant it again and take care of it just to watch the birds and squirrels steal from it. I put up a fence, but it still doesn’t work, the little thieves. Plus, the cobs are never good size. Not planting again. Ever. Next year I will put strawberries in their place or something yummy. Or potatoes.


I didn’t post order progress posts Saturday and Sunday and I thought that this is what I will start doing for a little break from it. From now on on Mondays, I will update the progress for Friday and the weekend. So let’s get to it.

I’m super messy right now. Blah.

The following orders were completely completed and then shipped out: Teresa H, Joey S, Kori M, and Lindsey L.

Country I, Stacey O, & Melody L: Your quilt tops were cut up.

Karina R: your quilt’s backing and batting were cut. Then it was pinned, quilted, and unpinned and I have started sewing it together.

Have a good Monday!


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