Wobbly Quilt Top Completed & Order Progress

Here are the finished wobbly quilt blocks. Finally. I’ve been working on this one for two weeks now. And ready to get it done. I’ve got other projects in my head. I am a serial quilter, you know.

I am very pleased with the fabrics I chose for the ‘wobbles’, which are the colorful blocks in this quilt. Everything came from my scrap stash which is little small pieces that I keep just because I can’t bear to toss it. While sorting through the scraps for fabrics for the wobbles, I realized I had a huge amount of gray scraps as well. That is what gave me the idea for the gray background instead of the white I had originally intended. Now I was making huge quilt out of nothing but scraps. It makes me feel good to use scrap fabric. Waste not, want not, and all.

So I cut everything up and started sewing together and only when the blocks were finished did I realize I might have used too dark of grays on some of the backgrounds. At least this is what is bothering me so badly about this quilt. Why couldn’t I have just used white?


I think the grays are distracting from the wobbles.

Trimmings from the blocks. A mountain of them.

See. Do you agree? Too busy?

I’m a little mad at myself right now. Now they don’t look like they are wobbling at all.

This is the completed quilt top. The blocks are supposed to look all stacked up, like they are about to fall over. Helter skelter book like. But I can’t see the wobbles, from all the busy grays.

Hmm. I have to finish it. I can’t leave something undone. I hate that. It will be completed. I’m just feeling a little deflated about it.


I finished the quilt top for Kami J. I LOVE these fabrics. Sometimes it’s best just to stick with a fabric collection if you don’t trust yourself to pick out fabrics. This is Meadow by Leah Duncan.

Teresa H: Your quilt was quilted and unpinned and I finished about ¼ of the sewing it together.


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