Order Progress + Wobbly Quilt work

Deanna P: I started and finished your sham, packaged it up and shipped out. Done.

Michelle F: I finished your quilt, clipped it, washed and dried it. Then I packaged it up. Done.

Teresa H: Backing and batting was cut for your quilt, and it was also pinned up and ready to quilt.

I moved the following orders out 60 days on the schedule: Alecia H, Sandy M, Kelly M, Jamie M, Jessica R, and Ryan B. I’m waiting on you so that is why you are getting moved out, but no rush. Take your time.

Also, a lot of you are emailing me asking about the (moved out 60 days) that I put beside the names I’m moving out. Those are just for the names I put them beside, not for everyone on that day.

Wobbly Quilt

Late last night, for a very brief amount of time, I stitched the last line for all the blocks on the wobbly quilt. Blocks are now complete, but I just have to press and trim them to size.


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