Order Progress

For some reason this was the only picture I took yesterday. I guess I just forgot.

Valerie L: your quilt was sewn together, clipped, washed and dried and shipped out. Done.

Michelle F: backing and batting was cut for your quilt and then it was pinned, quilted and unpinned.

Britta K: your quilt top was cut into blocks.

Joey S & Teresa T: had problems on both of these with dyeing the backing, but I finally got it worked out and in progress now.

Fabric Bird

Yesterday, I listed a whole basket of some of my smaller sized destash. I have moved all of this to my Fabric Bird shop. It will no longer be on the Southern Charm Quilts website. There are still some older bundles there, but as they expire I will be moving them to Fabric Bird.

I listed some great fabrics so if you are into making pouches or small items or even making those banners with the hanging fabrics this would be a great source for fabrics at a low price


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