Some Ready to Ship Quilts + Order Progress

I got a few ready to ship items out with some of my smaller orders.

This one is a crib size quilt. I made it completely from blocks in THE basket. But when I look at the basket you can’t tell I even pulled anything out of it. I’m still hoping to have it gone by the end of the year. I’ll keep trying.

This one is a lap size quilt 56×56 inches, all in gray, yellow and white.

This one is also a lap quilt, but in much brighter colors.

They are all listed in my ETsy shop here, here and here.


Kim A & Melisa H: both of your orders were packaged up and shipped out. Done.

Nadia B: your order was moved out 30 days

I cut up quilt tops for: Michelle F, Kori M, Lindsey L, & Karina R.

Lauren S: your order was pinned, quilted, unpinned, and I’ve started on stitching the blocks together.

Have a lovely week!


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