Sunday Studio Snapshots

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I did a tiny amount of work on the Wobbly quilt. This is a very tedious quilt with lots of smaller pieces, so progress is kinda slow on this one.

With lots and lots of chain piecing.

Chain piecing was a bit of a challenge on this one, but only because each piece needed to stay in the exact same order it started in.

This is kind of what the block will look like. It has a middle and then two sides, then I will put the block rows together. You can see I’ve only got the bottom row done. There are 56 blocks. They will all kind of look like the stacked books block, but wider ‘books’ or ‘wobbles’ in this case. Can you see it shaping up?

This project was actually inspired by one of my customers. She inquired about a quilt with nothing but the stacked books block. She ended up purchasing a different quilt, but I never could get this one out of my head, plus I had a huge influx of fabric strips. It needed to be done. I tend to obsess about things until they are done.

Some of the things I have obsessed about this week:

Washi tape , I know this has been around, but I’ve only just noticed how cool it is.

All things Granny chic. Oh, my!

How I should be packaging my quilts and will be doing very soon.

Oh, and all things crochet. I have about 6 crochet baby blankets that my Grandma Ruby made for me, my siblings, and my own children. They are very small and simple blankets, but I keep them as if they are prized possessions, b/c that is what they are. I also bought, last February, 2 granny square blankets (one I gave my mom) and one that is on the back of my sofa now. Then I bought my daughter one lately. I need to post pics.

Am I the only one who does this? Latches is on to something, obsess over it, and then it’s all you think about for a bit. Last year it was milk glass, all year. That deserved a whole year though, don’t you think?

Have a good Sunday!


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