Order Progress + A little work on Wobbly Quilt

Time for more ‘order progress’. If you like these and want them delivered directly to your inbox so you don’t have to come to this site daily, there is a FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL about halfway down the home page. Once you sign up, each post will be delivered to you.

Whitney G: quilt top complete.

Rebecca G: I got your quilt stitched together, clipped, washed and dried and shipped out. Done.

Whitney G & Meghan S: I got both of these quilts batting and backing cut and ready to baste.

Teresa M: got your batting and backing cut and now ready to begin pinning.

I also did some late night work on the Wobbly quilt. I had done this and forgot to tell about it (above). Lot of colorful pieces from stash cut into small blocks. And last night I cut up the pieces to the background of the blocks. All gray.

You can kind of see what the blocks will look like. Kinda.


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