Order Progress

I’m going to try something new. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was answering emails periodically throughout the day. I’ve always kept the order schedule up and posted on the blog so my customers can check and see where they are on my schedule, giving them a kind of estimate as to when they can get their order. This actually was the whole reason I started a blog, so that I can do that for the orders, be more organized, and hopefully have to answer a few less questions about when an order will be done.

For the most part I think this has worked to the good, but I still answer a lot of questions. I get it you ordered a quilt 3 months ago and you want it. I hate how long my production time is. It’s beyond annoying to me. When I first started Southern Charm Quilts my production time was like a week, back in 2009. But we’ve grown and it’s still just me and my husband making these quilts, so naturally it takes a little longer when my number of orders goes up. This is a good problem, but I know it can be a little annoying for my customers.

Try to understand though, that from start to finish, your queen size quilts probably takes me around 10 hours to complete. If you order a nursery set, even more. With just two people working on them, progress can sometimes be slow. And if I ever spend time with my family on vacation out of town, it’s like I’m setting myself up to be behind on orders, which almost always is the case when I get behind.

I was informed yesterday that I should update customers about their orders. I would love to be able to do this, but there are simply too many to email everyone about an order. That was the whole reason behind having the schedule posted. So since I can’t do that. I thought I might post updates every morning about what I worked on the day before, so when your name gets closer to the top of the list, you can sort of see your order being worked on. This doesn’t solve a problem, but hopefully it will help.

This is going to be a trial run on these posts. If they take too long I might end it. I get up in the a.m and always answer questions first so it should be something I can handle along with that, and I take tons of pics along the way anyway.

Before I begin though, I want to say, I work on multiple orders at a time. Rarely, will I ever work on something one at a time, start to finish. I might be working on the first 5 people on the top of the schedule all at once. Sometimes I skip around the schedule, and people get crossed off before you. There are a multitude of reasons for this that I will not go into. Please don’t try to understand it. I know your order is waiting and I will not forget you.

So here is what was I did yesterday. (These will get better with the more I do.)

2 small orders went out. I’ll start naming them after today.

Alana A: your wedding quilt blocks shipped out.

Meghan S: I got your quilt top cut up and sewn together. You did a great job choosing your own fabrics.

I got the following orders quilt top cut up: Joey S, Teresa M, Kim A, Melisa H. I also cut up a few extra to wash with the smaller orders.

Rebecca G: I got your order cut completely up (all layers) and quilted together. All I have left to do stitch your blocks together.

Whitney G: I got your quilt top cutup and partially sewn together. I have been drooling over that fawn print.

So does this help any? Do you like these posts? Do you like to see pics of your order being worked on? I’d love to know, leave a comment.


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