Sunday Studio Snapshots- My Favorite tools, supplies, notions, etc.

Instead of just snapshots and partly because I have a very messy studio today, I thought I’d just show you my favorite supplies.

Fabric is easy. I use all the major brands of fabric: Free Spirit, Westminster, Riley Blake, Moda, etc. Doesn’t matter, I love it all. I buy a lot of my fabrics by the bolt directly from the manufacturer, but I occasionally do buy it in yards or half yards, etc., and since I don’t have a local quilt/fabric shop I have to buy online. I do that at

I have used these two items since I first started sewing. The rotary blade is Olfa and it’s the exact same one I started with. The scissors are Fiskars spring loaded scissors. The first time I ever made a quilt, I used a pair of regular scissors to snip it and I thought maybe my hand might fall off. I went to Hobby Lobby and found these (hoped they would work) and voila, I didn’t give up rag quilting. I loved these so much I use them for everything even regular cutting. I probably have 5-6 pairs of them. I do NOT have a single pair of regular scissors. That’s kind of weird, huh?

These are the two ruler I use the most when I am rotary cutting. The top one is 2×18 inches and I’ve had it since day one. The bottom one I’ve only had about a month, but now it is my very favorite. It’s 6×24 inches, so it will reach all the way across the fabrics perfectly, eliminating my use for a yard stick.

These are rulers I’ve bought here and there, but I really don’t use them too much, mostly for special quilts. The little blue tape is just to help them stick to the fabric some and not move. I know they make something special for that, but I’m not a fan of buying these kinds of supplies and just prefer to do it myself.

Nothing fancy on pins and pincushions.

I now use Warm and Natural batting. This was a fairly recent change from my old batting. I ran out of my old batting before the new shipment came in, so I ended having to go to the store and buy it in small batches to hold me until I got the shipment, all the store had was warm and natural, and oh, I was just uber pleased. Which is saying a lot because I really liked my old batting, but this stuff is a dream.

I like the way it hangs perfectly straight, no bunches or stretchy places where the batting has gotten misshapen, this is just perfect, straight batting. I did have to lengthen my stitch on the rag quilts to make it work. It didn’t like the short stitch, and went a lot slower.

On MOST quilts, I use cotton muslin. I love muslin. I’ve tried several different brands, but Moda is hands down the best one I’ve used. It’s thicker and you can’t see through it like some of the other ones.

Whey I dye my muslin I use Idye. I usually buy it online, but I’ve seen it in stores too.

I’ve using this for basting for about 6 months and I really like it. It’s a little expensive, but I’ve worked out some ways to make it last longer. I don’t use anything else for basting and I hate pin basting, so this has been a good swap for me.

I hope this list helps some of you that sew and have been asking questions.


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