More work on the Pixie Love quilt- Sneak Peek + some New fabrics

Basting a quilt this big is no easy feat, especially putting them on the wall like I like to do, but it got done….slowly.

I really wanted to go with ivory for the background fabric, but I make so many ivory and white quilts and peach is my new favorite colors so that decided it.

Looking back, I wish I went with ivory.

I quilted until 11 pm at night. Today, I will square it up and bind it. Hopefully.

I bought some new fabric. I didn’t need new fabric, but I did buy some. I usually stare at fabric that I want to buy for months before actually ordering, but this time was different. The stack on the right I saw once, and knew it had to be mine. I haven’t had a black, white and gray collection before and I’ve been wanting one. Most of those are Emily Taylor Designs fabrics. All are from Riley Blake.

The collection on the left is mostly The Quilted Fish fabrics. I got them on sale, and I am in love with them, particularly the 4th one down I blue with small bouquets. Drool. They were a bit of a spontaneous buy and I hadn’t planned on buying any of those.

I LOVE catching bolts of fabric on sale. I’d compare it to shopping for shoes and getting something spectacular for next to nothing. Except I like fabric better than shoes.

I will be making a queen size rag quilt in this one in probably around a week or so. I’m calling it Date Night.

This one I have already got a twin size cut up for a rag quilt. So it should be posting Monday/Tuesday. I’m calling it Everything Nice. I’ve liked and used red and aqua collections before many times, but this one is kinda different since it’s got the gray added to it.

Thanks for reading!


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