Ready to ship – Queen Quilt in Silent Cinema + Sneak Peek on Pixie Love + May in the Sugar Block

I found a massive size stash of Jenean Morrison’s Silent Cinema fabrics all stacked up helter skelter and stuffed in a corner. In an effort to put more bed sized quilts in stock I made a queen size in them. And still I have a mountain left of these fabrics left. The only problem is I have more of some and less of others so no two quilts would be the same.

Anyway this one is pink, orange and gray. Yum! It measures approx.. 88×96 inches, queen size. It’s cuddly and soft and oh so wonderful. I’ve got it listed in my ETsy shop here.

In other news…..

I finally tackled May’s Sugar Block Club Block. I have to tell you that I really was putting this one off. I didn’t like paper piecing, and before this one I’d only had one other disastrous experience with it. The first time I did it was almost painful. And I don’t tend to take on things that make me angry, aggravated and frustrated, and paper piecing (my first experience) did just that. So when this block was announced, I put it off, not wanting to complete it.

Well, now we are in the end of June, and eventually it has to get done, so I did it.

This was a totally different experience than my first one. Everything about paper piecing suddenly became clear, like a lightbulb going off. I had that Aha! moment. That sounds cliché, but it really was like that so I’ll say it anywhere. I even enjoyed it!

With that said, my block still ended up an inch short on every side, but I’ll blame that darn old osnaburgh for that. Shifty little fabric! I will never put it in a quilt again.

So I’ll have to put a border on this block. That’s okay though, I don’t mind.

Now I need to get June’s done.


And finally, finally, finally, after so much thought and thinking and planning, I started on my pixelated heart quilt. It doesn’t look like it now, but it’s coming along. I’m going to call it Pixie Love.

Most of these fabrics are a super secret hidden stash of Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree. I’ve been hoarding them for years. They are one of my ultimate faves. There were not enough of them, boo, but I found a few fabrics that I thought might work well with it.

I plan on posting a tutorial for this quilt.

Thank you so much for reading along with me!


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