Sunday Studio Snapshots- My Studio Tour

I’ve promised a tour of my little sewing studio. It is sometimes messy. Always clean. Always cluttered. A bit disorganized, but I do try very hard. In the past few weeks, I’ve been reorganizing and trying to find better places for everything (I moved the ridiculous amount of thread and ribbon rolls to the closet out of sight), but it is very hard. I like things to be within reach, but that isn’t always what is pretty. And I want pretty. So please keep in mind that this is an honest sewing room.

This is my very first panoramic picture. I obviously need to work on it. Sorry about that light from the window, but I do like my natural light.

This Janome is where most of my work is done. This is where I sit 80% of the time. On the shelves is everything I have in stock and ready to ship. It is constantly changing, coming and going. The baskets are really cardboard boxes covered in fabric and they hold my sewing junk, pins, needles, elastic, markers, etc. There are also a few books. The clipboard holds all of my current orders that need to go out.

I’d really like to paint my desk, but there is never enough time.

This is one of my messy areas. It’s the fabric stash. I’ve got it arranged by color up top. The big section is my hand dyed muslin and that bottom row is a mess of minky dot that I will be glad to be rid of.

This is my Singer Serger machine where I make most of the nursery products. This table is a new addition and I am loving it. I have a hodge podge of furniture going on, all cast offs from different parts of the house so we are definitely not matchy matchy here.

This is my Juki industrial sewing machine. I like that it came with its own table. I do all of my quilting on this, rag quilts and traditional ones. It is super fast and I love it, but it means no free motion quilting, so I’ve never learned that, ouch. I’m sticking to just straight lines for now.

This is the far wall full of lots and lots of fabrics.

The black shelf holds fabric for custom orders, all fabric with a purpose. The 3 tier baskets hold scraps that are smaller, most of it is fabric strips. It looks about ready to topple over.

The walls are painted a mint green with white trim. The curtains are an Amy Butler fabric, one from her Lark collection.

This is my cutting table. I got this giant mat from Quilters Rule. It’s called the Mega Mat and it measures 32×55 inches. I love this mat, but I tend to go through them within 4-6 months. The self healing mats really didn’t work for me and they are so much more expensive. This one cost around $90, so half the price, but doesn’t last quite as long (for me anyway).

Those quilt blocks one the wall are for my Sugar Block Club BOM. I’m 2 months behind on those. Eek!

I keep my rulers on the able along with that basket for scissors, pens, tags, tape, etc.

The big roll of batting is from Hobbs. I usually buy 4-8 at a time, but only keep one in the studio. The others are in the basement wrapped in plastic.

This is the inner wall of fabric. My husband built all of my shelves. He comes in so handy. J

My ironing board stays open always, because I use it so much. Below it I’ve got orders cut up for the next few days with tags so I remember what they are. They are usually always down there. The closet doors are covered in wall paper. I’m not crazy about it, but if I take it down I have to paint them and I’m not ready for that project yet.

The studio door is usually open, but those papers hold supplies I need and notes about special orders.

Well that is my studio, nothing special, but I’m so grateful that I have a place. Maybe one day it will be bigger, but until then this will do nicely.

Thanks for reading!


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