Ready To ship- Crib Quilt + a large throw

I got this one done real quick. I always like to make quilts in batches. I never make them one at a time unless they are twin size or up. All small quilts can made in usually two or threes. That helps me not to waste the washing machine energy on just one small quilt. And I can throw in a little quick quilt for the stock shelves.

I love the paleness of this one, all peach, blues, pinks, and gray.

It is available ready to ship in my Etsy shop here.

Not sure why I’ve only made crib and toddler quilts in this fabric collection, but that is the case. This one was for an order that went out today and its in the large throw size.

All Amy Butler’s Soul blossoms in passion fabrics were used. This is a discontinued fabric collection, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have them.

That is Raven’s ukulele in there. She just got new strings so she is back to playing it again.

The pink fabric and the yellow dots are almost gone.

I’ve got this one available for a limited time here in my Etsy shop.


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