Feeling Shabby

Yes, these are the roses that I spoke about a little bit ago. The ones that were about to explode. Well, they have.

Are they not beautiful? I’ve picked over a dozen and there is probably another dozen on the bush. They are smelling up the backyard and making me swoon every time I step into my back yard.

They are so sweet and shabby and I’ve got some quilts completed that I think go well with them.


I made this for a wedding for one of my lovely customers. It is a guest book quilt, but she wanted it completed so she could just hang it up and have the guest sign it there.

I like the frumpiness that comes with the wide and infrequent quilting on it.

And then there is this quilt…. Oh, what dreamy fabrics. The whole time I was making it for one of my favorite customers I kept thinking….dreamy… laying on clouds, and lots of other adjectives like that. And look it has eyelet lace in it. Sighs…..

There are lots of Tanya Whelan fabrics in this one.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a good week!!


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