My first Sampler- the beginning of the end

Please do not judge me by my messy studio. It is ALWAYS messy. It’s clean, just disorganized. There is a lot of stuff you have when you quilt. I need this stuff. REALLY. Anyway, I took this embarrassing picture of my studio to show the blocks on the wall and the shelves for my first sampler, a quilt that ‘only’ has 15 blocks, and yet I am still working on it five months later.

But I am at the end of it. Oh yes, I have never been so happy to be done with a quilt in my life. This one is almost DONE. I took all the blocks down, trimmed them all down to 12 inches and have begun stitching them together. I have overcome more problems with this quilt and I just want it to be over. I am ready to start new projects, and I need the wall space for them, so this would needs to just get gone.

I was so excited about this project when I started on it, but I think I just let it drag out so long that I lost interest. So this is my fault. From now on, (this is a pledge to myself), I will not let a project take this long again. No more. Get started and get them done, that is my new motto.


The big reveal of this quilt will be in just a few days or tomorrow, maybe.


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