Ready to Ship- king quilt

I finished this quilt this past Friday and took pictures of it yesterday. I’ve started taking pics on my back yard fence instead of my front porch. I think they look better out there, but it’s more work for me to do. I’m never pleased with my pictures though. I should take a class or something. It’s a chore for me, something I groan about. I think I don’t have time for it and therefore I don’t like it. Even though, I really like taking pictures of other things, just not for the shop.

Oh well.

This quilt used up the very last bit of my Modern Meadow sunglow collection. There were bolts on the shelf with just a little fabric on them and I needed that space for some full bolts so I cut it all up for this quilt. It’s a king size measuring approx.. 105×96 inches. I’ve listed it in my ETsy shop here.

I have been taking some Craftsy classes during last week. And one of the ones I took, talked about using a fabric collection and then making it your own. We love to use a whole collection on a quilt because all the fabrics match and works well with each other, but it’s a little aggravating when I pull up queen quilts and find lots and lots of other shops with the exact same quilt. It’s nobody’s fault, it just is what it is. The problem is that I’m using really popular fabric collections that many different people like. But in my Etsy shop I really want it to be different from everyone else’s quilts. So… back to the class I took. The instructor talked about using some fabrics from a collection and then adding some different fabrics in to make it your own, put your stamp on it.

This is not something new to me, but it kind of made me stop and say, hey, yeah I really need to start doing that. So, I did. And here are some of the collections I came up with.

In all of these I used a few of the fabrics from the collections they belonged to and then I added a few in there to bring out the colors I really wanted to see more of. Now if I made a quilt out of these fabrics it should be something you would only see in my shop, which I like. I went ahead and listed them in my Etsy shop, as made to order quilts, and you can pick the size you quilt you want. I can’t decide which is my favorite, I like them all so much.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great week!


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