Southeast Triangle Quilt- Sweet Nothings

I know you know how much I dig some triangles. I know that this is a very popular quilt pattern and there are tons of quilts very similar, but this is the first one I’ve done like this and I’ve had my mind to do it for sometime now.

I got it done in just half a day. It was nice to tackle a project that doesn’t take me days or weeks. This one was super easy, the hardest part to me being the ironing. I hate ironing!

The fabric I used for this one is by Riley Blake called Sweet Nothings. It is a discontinued line and I think this is my last little bit of it. Although, I made too many triangles, 40 too many, so I’m going to make a mini quilt with it later on this week.

I put minky on the back, and quilted with the triangles in a diagonal double line.













I’ve been making a lot of happy cheerful quilts lately. I think it’s time to make something moody. Gray. White. Dark blue. Something to emulate this nasty weather we are having around here.

If you are interested in my Southeast Triangle quilt here you will find it ready to ship in my etsy shop here or get one custom made for you here.

As always, thank you so much for reading.



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