Bloom- A Dresden quilt- COMPLETED

I want to scream about how much I love and enjoyed making this quilt. Okay, so the dresden plates got a little long…..I still got it done in 3 days.

I’m still over the moon for this one. There was some debate about the design around here. Some thought that the more traditional dresden would have been a better looking quilt and that sometimes I try to be artsy, but I’ve been looking at dresden quilts for months and I wanted it to be different. More modern. With negative space. Some people around here don’t like the word negative space and eyes tend to roll.

Doesn’t matter.

I LOVE this quilt!

There were a few things I wish I had done differently that I want to say something about so I will remember next time. ….

I stitched the dresdens down in just a plain circle, thinking that the ends of each petal would prick up after washing and give it a 3-d effect, this held true, but quilting over them and making sure they were in the right position gave me some headache, some of them prick, some don’t that ended up with quilting over it. Next time I think I prefer to just completely stitch each petal down.

Also, I’m not 100% crazy on the quilting over the bloom. Maybe I should have quilted it a little differently on that part? I can admit I just wanted to be done.


But overall I like the quilting. I think it looks like rain.

I found a great flickr group called ‘the walking quilted’. This name and how long it took me to get it and just the whole darn thing had me laughing out loud to myself.

The whole project is made with scraps except the backing. It is an Anna Maria Horner fabric and the binding I can’t remember, but I LOVE it and wish I had a whole bolt of it.


I’ve got this quilt ready to ship in my ETsy shop and custom made on my website.


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